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Can You Cover Up An Old Tattoo With Microblading?

We frequently get asked if we can microblade over an old eyebrow tattoo or previous microblading done elsewhere. The short answer is sometimes. We try our best to help you out the best we can but we first need to see some pictures. If you have previous permanent makeup you want covered up you must [...]

Can You Cover Up An Old Tattoo With Microblading?2019-01-04T03:42:36+00:00

How To Choose A Color For Microblading?

Microblading color. It’s a hot topic that’s Ever wondered how the color will be determined for Microblading? I’m here to help guide you to how we, at Better Brows achieve the best Microblading color for your brows.  There are quite a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the right color. First is preference. [...]

How To Choose A Color For Microblading?2019-01-04T03:39:15+00:00

Skin Conditions and Microblading

So now that you’re interested in microblading I’m sure you’ve done some research to see if it is right for you. On average, it takes a person several months to make a decision whether or not they are ready to get microblading done. Before trying to find the right artist it is about researching to [...]

Skin Conditions and Microblading2018-12-21T03:35:53+00:00

Does Microblading Work On All Skin Types?

Have you ever read about how having a certain skin type can affect microblading? Well I’m here to answer as many questions as possible! If you’re reading this you’ve probably already done some research. Overall, it is said that microblading typically heals and lasts longer for those with dry or normal skin as opposed to [...]

Does Microblading Work On All Skin Types?2018-12-21T03:34:59+00:00

How Safe Is Microblading?

Nervous about microblading? I have all the answers you need! When looking for the right artist of course you want to find someone who presents amazing work that looks very natural in which you can’t tell the difference between their real hair and the added strokes.  Although that is important, your safety is just as, [...]

How Safe Is Microblading?2018-12-21T03:33:55+00:00

Microblading Touch Up: Why & When You Need It

Microblading is semi-permanent and therefore it lasts about a year give or take on skin type and lifestyle.I often get asked if this is a tattoo and the answer is no. Since it is semi-permanent it lasts closer to a year whereas tattoos can last forever.  After your first microblading session your brows will lighten [...]

Microblading Touch Up: Why & When You Need It2018-12-11T05:04:33+00:00

How Long Is The Microblading Appointment?

To answer your question, the full appointment is about 2-3 hours. Within this time is the consultation, brow mapping, microblading, and aftercare instructions.  Consultation:We know how important it is for you to understand what exactly microblading is and what to expect. With Better Brows we explain how it is semi-permanent that gives the illusion of [...]

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Who Should Not Get Microblading?

– Pregnant or breastfeeding: We do not recommend this because it is not worth taking a risk for your child.– Keloid scars: We do not want to touch keloids because they may have scar tissue built up beneath the skin and do not want to take that risk of cutting that area of [...]

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Microblading Preparation

Small choices make a big difference. Now before I get into the pre-care, I want to make it clear that this is after we know you are a good candidate and safe for the procedure. You have already booked your appointment and now this is what we need for you to make the treatment goes [...]

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Microblading Healing Process

Your new microbladed eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing process but do not worry. I am hear to tell you everything will turn out fine! Now let me walk you through the time frame. Day 1:You’re thrilled to death and love our new microbladed eyebrows! They’re super natural and subtle looking and won’t [...]

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