3 Reasons Why Microbladers Need Bloodborne Pathogen Certification


Being a Better Brows microblading artist, it is important to us to be educated on all the risks involved during the procedure. Just like in any profession there are always risks involved if certain precautions aren’t followed. With microblading this includes cross contamination and the existence of bloodborne pathogens. There are so many classes offer [...]

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3 Reasons Why Cancer Patients Deserve Microblading


Approximately 65% of cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy will experience hair loss which includes their eyebrows. This is over half the cancer patient population which is extremely high. Your hair normally grows back but not always in the eyebrow area and oftentimes it’s never the same which brings us to conclusion to get microblading as [...]

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World Cancer Day and Microblading


9.6 million people die every year from cancer. Last year in the USA alone there was an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed with similar estimates for 2019. Many of these patients will undergo at least one round of chemotherapy. The unfortunate reality is this treatment is also accompanied by many side effects, [...]

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How To Pick The Best Microblading Artist Near Me


1. Licensed/Certified - In most states it is crucial to have a tattoo license to perform the microblading procedure. If they don’t have this and it is a requirement then this means they aren’t operating legally and who know what kind of practices are happening behind the scenes. It starts from proper set up, to [...]

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Better Brows YouTube Channel


We are so happy to announce that we have started a YouTube channel and are excited to share with you everything there is about Better Brows microblading! You will get to see behind the scenes, microblading Facts/FAQs, and video testimonials of previous clients sharing their experience. We know microblading is still a pretty new procedure, [...]

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Fixing Over-plucked/waxed Eyebrows


Do you suffer from over plucked brows? Brows are a main focal point of the face and overall frame the face. Brow trauma is a real thing and can easily happen when getting carried away in front of the mirror plucking or in a salon chair getting waxed frequently. Sometimes you don’t realize how important [...]

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Microblading and Groucho Marx


Worried about looking like Groucho Marx when getting microblading done? Well, good news...you no longer have to worry when booking with Better Brows Cincinnati Microblading Studio! We deliver confidence by achieving a very natural and subtle look. Now keep reading to learn how to avoid looking like Groucho Marx when selecting an artist! A lot of [...]

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Choose Better Brows for Microblading in Cincinnati – Just Ask Cincy Chic


Better Brows was featured in Cincy Chic’s magazine in November 2018. They talk about how we are a local Cincinnati Microblading Studio that Alexia Triantafilou started because she understands her client’s struggles. Below is the exact article written:“Alexia Triantafilou has always been obsessed with eyebrows. Even as a kid she was always the friend doing [...]

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Why Choose A Phibrows Artist?


Microblading is a procedure becoming more and more popular. However, it is important to choose an artist who is well educated on technique, products, tools and safety. This is a procedure done on your face and you want the best! Here is why choosing a Phibrows Artist can benefit you: Training: Phibrow Artists are top in [...]

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Can I Microblade Over A Scar?


So I have a scar but I’m interested in microblading and want to know more. Well we got you covered! Microblading can be great for covering up scars but we first recommend a picture to ensure your safety. First things first. It depends what type of scar you have as there are several different types out [...]

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