Does microblading scab?

Does microblading scab is a very common question so we are here to answer this question! To get right to the point scabbing should not happen, but flaking is normal.

The microblading healing process is a bit complicated so we talk about it in detail on our blog. Here you can view the different phases of the brow and we talk about how flaking can occur. 

Scabbing vs. Flaking

microblading scab

Microblading scabbing is different than flaking and many people use both words interchangeably when in fact they are very different. Flaking is where tiny dry particles may come off the brow area. The flakes look similar to dandruff and are not always noticeable. 

Scabbing is where larger portions of the brow are dry up and start to peel off from the brow area (as seen in the picture above). Often times you’ll see pigment come up off the brow within the scab. Patchy brows are usually a result of this. Also, this is when clients freak out as they should because this should not be happening! We will get into why this happens and how to avoid it!

What To Expect

Usually around day 5-7 is when the brows will lightly start flaking and the brow becomes softer in color. Naturally, this happens because our skin’s top layer is always exfoliating itself. We have three layers of skin and where we implant the pigment is top of the second layer. That being said, the strokes implanted in the second layer need time to heal and become visible. The brows take a month to fully heal and that’s why we can’t work on your brows for your touch up until at least six weeks after your first appointment. 

Brows become about 30% lighter from the time you leave your first appointment until the six week touch up. When you come back for your touch up we examine the healed strokes and add more where needed. 

Why Does Microblading Scabbing Happen?

microblading scab

Often times when clients come in they automatically assume microblading scabbing is going to take place while their brows heal because they have seen so many articles and videos on the internet. The reason microblading scabbing happens is simply because of bad aftercare. If your artist tells you to keep the brow dry and to not get it wet at all you will definitely scab! This happens because essentially once microbladed you have an open cut on your face and white blood cells are rushing to the area to heal it. Just like if you scrape your knee you notice clear fluid building up around it, forming a scab. This clear fluid is known as lymph. Lymph builds up (as shown in picture above) because most of us don’t clean it off from the knee. If you wash your brows correctly, this will keep the lymph from forming a scab. Additionally, we provide our clients with an ointment to keep their brows hydrated. Unfortunately, most clients are provided with wrong aftercare, creating their clients brows to form a scab. Check out our aftercare here.

How To Prevent Microblading Scabbing From Happening?

microblading aftercare                 aftercare microblading

As mentioned above, in order to stop microblading scabbing we recommend you wash your brows with soap then apply ointment every two hours for the first two days. Also, for the first two nights apply plastic wrap to your brows after applying ointment to your brow area to keep the brows hydrated while you sleep at night. As time goes on the lymph becomes less present. That being said day 3-7 we recommend washing and applying ointment only now 5 times a day. We hope this makes sense!

What If Microblading Scabs Still Form?

If microblading scabs form this means you went more than 2 hours without washing your brows. That is plenty of time for lymph to form and create a scab. Lymph is most present the first 48 hours after the microblading so that is why we emphasize how important it is to wash your brows every two hours the first two days. If you have a microblading scab form then do not touch, itch, pick, or peel it off. This is a big no no because most likely you will pull more of the pigment off with the scab than if you let it go. That being said, let it naturally come off. Check out this link here to see how the brows will turn out if they start scabbing.

How Long Does Microblading Scabbing Last?

Microblading scabbing can last anywhere from 3 days to a week, depending on how bad it is. Just know that eventually the scabbing will stop. Do note that this will result in a loss in pigment color on the brow. Your brows will look patchy and this is normal if scabbing does occur during your healing process. 

What If My Brows Disappear?

eyebrows microblading scabbing

If your brows disappear then your artist most likely didn’t microblading at proper depth of the skin. This is assuming you followed aftercare instructions perfectly and zero scabbing occurred during the healing process.

To make sure you have chosen the right artist ask for pictures of healed brows. Healed brows determine if the artist microbladed at proper depth as well as provides proper aftercare. If the brows look natural, then you will know you are in good hands! 

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