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You have to be 18 years of age.

Usually 2-2.5 hours. In that appointment is the consultation, brow design, microblading, and aftercare discussion.

About a year give or take on skin type. Normal or drier skin typically lasts a little longer than oily skin. Oily skin may not last as long and may require more touch ups. Also, if you expose yourself to sun often, it may fade quicker.

No. Keep your hair so we can work with it.

Yes. The procedure is performed with proper sanitation and sterilization, along with the following guidelines:

  • Pre-sterilized and disposable pigment cups
  • Pre-sterilized and disposable needles and hand tool, opened in front of clients
  • New gloves for each client and changed when needed
  • Barrier film on necessary surfaces
  • Distilled water is used
  • New cotton rounds, micro-brushes, and disposable cups
  • Hospital grade disinfectant wipes for all surfaces and instruments

Microblading is the form of semi-permanent makeup that gives the illusion of real hair like strokes. It is done with a manual hand tool where pigment is inserted into the skin. Very crisp strokes are created giving the most natural results!

If you are simply unhappy with your eyebrows or if you suffer from conditions that cause hair loss microblading is absolutely for you. No more spending time in the mirror each morning trying to make your brows perfect.

It depends on your pain tolerance but most have said on a sale of 1-10 its about a 2 or 3. I’ve been told it feels like tweezing two hairs at once or if you’ve had threading done I’ve heard it’s similar to that.

I include the first appointment and touch up for a total of $350. This is a very great price in this industry as well as for my work and the value I deliver!

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-Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofin, and Aspirin 24 hours prior to appointment

-Avoid botox 2 weeks prior to appointment

-Discontinue Retinol/Retin-A and blood thinners use 1 week prior to appointment

-Avoid sun/tanning 1 week prior to appointment

-Avoid facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion 4 weeks prior to appointment

Click here to view the entire healing process in detail.

Click here to view the microblading aftercare.

We include a 6 week touch up with your initial appointment. After that you’ll require a touch up when you’ve noticed your brows have faded and most of the color has been lost. Usually every 6-12 months clients like a touch up to keep their brows looking fresh!

– Pregnant or breastfeeding

– Keloid scars

– Autoimmune diseases

– On blood thinner or have bleeding disorders

– Accutane within the last year

– Botox within the last 2 weeks

-Taking seizure medication

– Stop Retinol/Retin-A 1 week prior

– Sunburnt or have dermatitis

– Chemical peels/ facials 4 weeks prior

– Allergic to nickel, lidocaine, epinephrine

– Heart conditions or on heart medications


– Diabetic

– Had chemotherapy within the last year

Sometimes. We’d have to take a look at it to see. Please email us a picture at betterbrows.cincy@gmail.com so we can give you our best answer!

You’ll have to make sure you haven’t had botox within the last 2 weeks prior to your appointment date.

You’ll want to avoid these 4 weeks before and after your appointment so your brows can heal properly.

If it is a keloid scar then no. Any other scar then most likely yes but we do require an emailed picture to ensure your safety. Send us your picture at betterbrows.cincy@gmail.com!

We work around any mole to ensure your safety.

Yes microblading can work on all skin tones. We have a variety of colors to help everyone!

Microblading works best if you have a normal to dry skin type. If you have oily skin and large pores microblading may not last as long for you. We want to be honest up front.

Yes! We use numbing as we go to make you as comfortable as possible.

We ask what color you prefer your brows to be. Whether it’s your natural hair color or sometimes even darker. If you have a picture that helps as well and we show you pictures so you can envision the color better.