Permanent Makeup Cincinnati:

It’s becoming quite popular!  If you are wanting to enhance your natural features we are here to help! At Better Brows permanent makeup studio in Cincinnati, we empower you to be your most confident and elegant self.

Permanent makeup is life changing in so many ways. Better Brows will save you time in the mirror each morning while giving you confidence from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed! Eyebrows frame the face and make us feel put together, giving up the confidence we deserve to conquer our day!

Better Brows permanent makeup studio helps to naturally enhance your look with beautiful eyebrows in such a short amount of time. From start to finish with everything including the consultation, brow design, microblading, and aftercare review you will be with us for 2.5 hours. How crazy is that to know you can get the brows of your dreams that quickly!?

Best Permanent Makeup in Cincinnati

Our award-winning process guarantees perfect symmetry and focuses on individual hair strokes to achieve a subtle, natural beauty customized to you personally in a fun and engaging environment!

Microblading is for anyone who is simply unhappy with their eyebrows and to make their life easier every day. Whether you’re a businesswoman always on the go, a stay at home mom, student, suffer from alopecia or hair loss from cancer, microblading is for you!

Our  permanent makeup studio here in Cincinnati will give you the freedom you deserve!

So Why Better Brows?

-One of the first microblading studios to open in Cincinnati. Being one of the first permanent makeup Cincinnati microblading studios with microblading has allowed me to provide high-quality work with a great experience for my clients allowing them to leave with a smile on their face.

-Over 2+ years of microblading experience. Better Brows Permanent makeup Cincinnati microblading studio has lots of experience given that we have been in the industry for so many years.

-Over 300+ sessions completed. Our permanent makeup Cincinnati microblading studio has completed a lot of sessions given that there is one artist, Alexia! That means I have worked on over 600 brows and let’s be honest, that’s a lot of brows! 🙂

-50+ 5 Star Reviews on Google and Facebook. Check out our reviews here!

-Phibrows artist. Read about what it means to be a Phibrows artist here.

-Trained by artists featured on Good Morning America and in Marie Claire Magazine. These are two big names that you must be the best of the best to be featured on/in. Alexia at Better Brows permanent makeup Cincinnati microblading studio has trained one on one with artists featured on Good Morning America and in Marie Claire Magazine!

-Featured in Cincy Chic Magazine. Our permanent makeup Cincinnati studio was featured in a well-known magazine geared towards women. Check us out here.

-Featured on Star 64. Star 64 is a local Cincinnati news channel. Check us out here.

-Featured in Chic This Week. Every week a business gets featured in Chic This Week. Check us out here.

-Uses all natural, organic, vegan, non-heavy metal products. If you look at other permanent makeup Cincinnati studios or any other permanent makeup places, in general, often times iron oxide ink is used which leaves an ashy gray or not so natural color. On top of that, your body struggles to naturally digest the pigment. At Better Brows microblading Cincinnati studio we use all natural and organic products that the body easily digests over time.

-Previously microbladed famous YouTubers and Pro Athletes. Georgia Bridgers is a famous YouTuber from Cincinnati and came to me to get her eyebrows microbladed. Check out her video here! Lexie Priessman is an American gymnast. Check out her Instagram here!

-Fully licensed. As silly as this may sound there are so many studios out that are not properly licensed! Our permanent makeup Cincinnati microblading studio has all the licenses required to run a proper business and to ensure our clients’ safety!

Would You Rather?

We often get asked if we do other permanent makeup in Cincinnati but we choose to focus solely on microblading. We feel this is what makes us unique to other salons in the area.

Play along with me and I’ll explain why it’s important we focus on microblading. Let’s play “Would You Rather” – Ask yourself this question:

Would you rather go to a salon who’s only focus was the procedure that is being applied to your face? The service that that every single person will see when they look at you? And from the artist who spends every single second of her workday perfecting each stroke & mastering her craft, line after line. 


Would you rather go to the salon artist who is going and forth, frazzled, using different machines and methods? This same artist is bouncing from one type of client to the next… never really getting in the rhythm with her tools. Then you plop down at the end of a long shift for her and she’s seen 15 clients already.

What sounds better to you to get your premium, highly technical semi-permanent face work done?

We’ll let you decide – but here are some resources below should you decide you want to go with the Cincinnati’s best, focused permanent makeup salon. 

Read our blog on more reasons to choose us here!

Click here to check out our FAQ video library.

Click our home page to watch the microblading process here.