Eyebrow Microblading Cincinnati Studio, Better Brows Is The Best In The Biz!

Better Brows eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio gives you the confidence and freedom you deserve in life with beautiful eyebrows! We empower you to be your most confident and elegant self my enhancing your natural beauty.

Eyebrows microblading is slowly becoming more popular in Cincinnati because it saves you time getting ready each morning. Whether you’re a businesswoman, stay at home mom, student, nurse, or suffer from sparse or uneven brows microblading will help you!

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Microblading Process

Our eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio technique gives you a put together look customized specially for you. We are all about subtle beauty, giving you the most natural look.

Our eyebrow microblading process can be found here.

In summary, the first appointment includes the consultation, brow design outline, color preference, microblading, and aftercare instructions. Each step must be approved by you until we move onto the next step. This all takes about 2.5 hours total. But best of all, our eyebrows microblading Cincinnati studio gives you instant results! That’s right in just a short about of time you are on your way out with your dream brows! 🙂

Choose Better Brows As Your Eyebrow Microblading Cincinnati Studio

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Better Brows eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio focuses on perfect symmetry and a very natural look with precise detail mimicking real eyebrows. There are several reasons you should trust us with your pretty face!

  1. We are one of the first eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studios to open. Being one of the first to open has allowed us to be ahead of the game with over 2.5 years of experience! We provide high-quality work, giving you exactly what you want, leaving with a smile on your face.
  2. Better Brows eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio has completed over 300+ pairs of brows. I am a single artist so this is a lot of brows given I am one person. That’s over 600 brows total…holy cow! 🙂
  3. 60+ 5 Star Reviews if you look us up on Google. Check us out here!
  4. Better Brows eyebrow microblading Cincinnati artist, Alexia, is a Phibrows artist. Being a Phbrows artist I was required to go through tons and tons of training over many months, ensuring I understand all the fundamentals of microblading and provide high-quality work. Read about what it means to be a Phiartist here.
  5. I was trained by artists featured on Good Morning America. My head trainer I worked closely with is well known in the microblading industry and featured on National television. Here I got to learn to award-winning techniques, learning precise detail.
  6. Cincy Chic Magazine featured me in their magazine. I had the pleasure of microblading Amy Scalia, founder of Cincy Chic. Check out her experience video here and the article here.
  7. Star 64 featured me on their news Channel! Star 64 is a location news station here in Cincinnati and the tri-state area. Check us out here.
  8. Our eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio was also featured in Chic This Week. Check us out the article here.
  9. We use all natural, vegan organic, and non-heavy metal products. Just about all other microblading studios use ink that has iron oxides which result in a more ashy color. Our eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio ensures our products used are natural and easily digested in the body over time once the brows fade.
  10. Our microblading studio is properly licensed. Although you may be wondering why I’m mentioning this, it is because so many artists are not, therefore resulting in unsafe practices. Preventing cross-contamination is so important because of course, we want to prevent any type of infection from happening. Our eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio has all the proper licenses required to run a safe business!

Best Microblading In Cincinnati

Better Brows eyebrow microblading Cincinnati studio strives to continue being the best of the best. We specialize in microblading and microblading only because we love keeping up with new techniques and giving you nothing but the best quality work! In order to do that we solely focus on microblading. Seeing the look on each one of your faces once we show you your brows is why we will always strive to  🙂

Please contact us with any questions! We look forward to meeting you soon!


Phone #: 513-702-0818   Email: betterbrows.cincy@gmail.com