Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Is Vital 

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification is one of the most important certifications to us at Better Brows. Is important to us to be educated on all the risks involved during the procedure. Just like in any profession there are always risks involved if certain precautions aren’t followed. With microblading, this includes cross-contamination and the existence of bloodborne pathogens.

There are so many classes offer nowadays with this field and other permanent makeup where the classes are either online or only a few days (if that) in class. In these classes, safety practices are usually not touched on. They may just show you what wipes to use when cleaning the area up but there’s so much more that goes into it than that. Most artists are only in class for a day or two so there is usually no time to cover all information actually needed to know. Safety and sanitation is one of the most important parts and is not even touched on.

Most classes just go over how to microblade when there can be blood and the skin is being opened up. Most states require a bloodborne pathogens certification but not all. Proper clean up in between clients is a crucial part of the microblading process that often gets overlooked. Please know at Better Brows you are in good hands as we are fully prepared on how to keep everything safe and sanitary from the beginning to end of your procedure.


Managing Bloodborne Pathogens Risk

We use pre-sterilized disposable tools, use barrier wrap on everything we touch during the procedure, have our sharps container close by, disinfecting agents are very close and easily accessible, and gloves and masks are used as protective equipment. We follow certain practices such as the proper way to take off gloves, washing hands often. Etc. After everything is properly disposed, a hospital grade wipe is used to wipe down all surfaces used during the procedure. These wipes kill bacteria and viruses in less than 3 minutes.

The whole start to finish is super important because bloodborne pathogens can be passed so easily. For example, you finish the procedure and still have your gloves on which have touched the client’s open skin so now their blood or other viruses or bacterias and you grab the handheld mirror to give to your client to check out their new eyebrows. Well, now the pathogens have gotten onto your mirror. Now it’s on your client’s hands and if they set the mirror down and touch other surfaces it is being spread everywhere.

Health Awareness Is Our Priority

See how easily something like this can happen? This is why it is SO important to choose an artist who has their bloodborne pathogen certificate so they know how to hand every type of situation. The bloodborne pathogens certification is renewed annually to make sure we don’t forget to follow safety practices and stay up to date on everything within our business!

If you are in the Cincinnati area, Better Brows is fully prepared to hand every aspect of microblading to ensure your safety! Email us at to ask us any questions or to set up a free microblading consultation today!


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