Is Microblading Safe For You?

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“Is microblading safe, though?” It’s the main question we get on an almost daily basis as an artist. So if you find yourself nervous about microblading, don’t fret! I have all the answers you need!

When looking for the right artist, of course, you want to find someone who presents amazing work that looks very natural. Your success metric should be if you can’t tell the difference when examining the work of an artist between a client’s real hair and the added strokes.

Although that is important, your safety is just as, if not, more important. Do you agree? If so keep reading.

Your Safety, Your Research

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If you ask an artist prior to booking “Is microblading safe?” and they don’t provide a good enough answer then run. Also, included in your question list should be a bunch of detailed questions mentioned below to help you. Keep reading!

It is important to do your research. Every state is different from licensing. Some states require a tattoo license, some do not. Some require a microblading certification, first aid, bloodborne pathogen, or an apprenticeship, and some only require a handful of training. Some states do not require any of these.

Here in the state of Ohio, it is a requirement to have a tattoo license, which in fact I do. I also have quite a few microblading certificates, as well as my first aid and bloodborne pathogen certificate. Not only is it important to have these, but it is important they are up to date! Some expire after a year, some expire after two years. It is important the artist you choose stays up to date on everything. This is important because the health department looks after us to make sure we are following all regulations and taking precaution to ensure each client’s safety.

How You Can Take Action

microblading cincinnati

You may ask the artist what licenses they have but this doesn’t mean they are being honest all the time. You can call your local health department or look them up online to make sure they are actually licensed. They should also have their license in their room for anyone who comes in to see. At Better Brows we have our license and certificates on display for all clients to see that we take our job seriously. After all, this is your face! We want every one of our clients to know we follow all guidelines and regulations as their safety is just as important to us as it is for them!

On top of all of that at Better Brows, we use all pre-sterilized and disposable tools. Some artists use an autoclave which allows them to use the same tools for each client. We chose not to do this and want to minimize any risks as much as possible. Also, we use hospital grade wipes to wipe down all instruments and surfaces after each client. These wipes are so strong that for example, they kill tuberculosis.

Better Brows Makes Safety The Priority

Before confirming a client’s booking we make sure you don’t have any other safety concerns. We make sure you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding, no keloid scars, no autoimmune diseases, not on blood thinners, off Accutane for a year, no botox within the last two weeks, no use of retinol one week prior, not sunburnt or have dermatitis, no chemical peels or facials within the last month, not allergic to nickel, lidocaine, epinephrine, no heart conditions or epileptic. We will need a doctor’s note if you are diabetic or have had chemotherapy within the last year.

At Better Brows we are fully committed to your safety – hopefully, this article made the “is microblading safe” question crystal clear! Please email if you have any questions whatsoever at 

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