Microblading colors vary depending on brand, ingredients, and skin type.

While there are many factors to consider, Better Brows is here to help you! Have you ever wondered how the color will be determined for microblading? I’m here to help guide you to how we, at Better Brows, achieve the best color for your brows and enhance your natural beauty in our microblading services.

Microblading Colors: Choosing The Right Color Is Vital

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There are quite a few factors to take into consideration when choosing the right color.

Your Preference Is The Best Starting Point

First is preference. We look at your brows and see whether they are filled in when you arrive at your appointment or not. If they are then great, we can see the color you prefer. If not, then we usually ask what you prefer whether it’s the natural color or a hair darker. We also show examples of different colors that we think will look best on you based on your desired look. We pull up pictures of the different colors we use and show you what they will look like on the brows.

Skin Tone

skin tone colors better brows microblading cincinnati

Second, we look at your skin tone. Skin tones are a very important factor we take into consideration. For example, if you have a cooler (red) skin tone then we know we have to use a specific modifier for that so that the brows don’t heal too ashy or dark. If you are a warmer (yellow/pale) skin tone then we use a different modifier for this as well.

If you have more of a fair skin complexion or very dark skin this is also important to look at. No matter what skin tone you are, we make sure we pick the right color combined with the correct modifier. Modifiers neutralize the color so that they do not heal too ashy or gray.

Brow Type

Third is brow type. If you have thicker or more full brows and just want them darker or reshaped we also must take this into consideration. If you are used to thicker brows we know placing the strokes closer together will give a more full, defined, and slightly bolder look, giving a darker appearance. If you have very thin brows and want to keep them light and thin we know we have to make the strokes not as defined so they don’t look as bold and dark.

Since there are two sessions for this procedure we are very conservative the first time around. We know it is easier to go darker the second time around so we suggest sticking to only a slightly darker color since the brows do lighten about 40% after the first procedure. After we finish microblading and you take a look in the mirror we want your feedback. If you want your brows darker, knowing they will lighten we will apply a darker color on top for it to soak into the brows until you are fully satisfied!

At Better Brows, we take each of these into consideration to give you your desired look! Each one of these plays a part in not only helping you chose a color for microblading but empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to chose the right color! We strive to give you the most subtle and natural looking eyebrows customized to you personally!

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