Microblading in Cincinnati

Microblading in Cincinnati has become more and more popular over the past year. In a crowded field, how can you be sure you are finding the right artist? Well, one way is to look for large endorsements from some people who know all about microblading in Cincinnati – listen to Cincy Chic! Better Brows was featured in Cincy Chic’s magazine in November 2018. They talk about how we are a local Cincinnati Microblading Studio that Alexia Triantafilou started because she understands her client’s struggles.

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Cincy Chic’s Article Excerpt

Alexia Triantafilou has always been obsessed with eyebrows. Even as a kid she was always the friend doing others’ eyebrows. But there was one thing she noticed – there were always others struggling with their brows in some way – including herself.

“I would research day and night for a solution and that was when I came across microblading,” says Triantafilou. “Instantly I knew it was something I wanted to pursue and achieve. After I took the course, I continued to pursue my dream of helping others wake up feeling beautiful.”

Today Triantafilou is the owner of Better Brows, a microblading studio that empowers others to be their most confident and elegant selves.

“Our award-winning process guarantees perfect symmetry and focuses on individual hair strokes to achieve a subtle, natural beauty customized to you personally in a fun and engaging environment,” she says.

Better Brows specializes in microblading, a form of semi-permanent makeup that gives the illusion of real hair-like strokes. According to Triantafilou, the procedure is done with a manual hand tool where pigment is inserted into the skin, creating very crisp strokes and giving very natural results.

“On average, it typically lasts about a year depending on your skin type,” she says. “We do use numbing as I know this is a very common question. Most clients describe the feeling as a little scratch.”

An appointment to have microblading done lasts about two hours and includes the consultation, brow design, microblading, and after care. The microblading part itself takes just about 40 minutes.

To make clients feel even more sure of their decision to have their eyebrows microbladed at Better Brows, Triantafilou says that she pays extra attention when it comes to safety.

“Safety is important to us as we use pre-sterilized and disposable tools as well as hospital-grade wipes to wipe down all surfaces and instruments,” she says.

The ultimate goal behind Better Brows is to make clients feel like their best selves and to customize each service to the person.

“We have special tools where we measure your natural facial features, where we can show you what the best look for you is as well as a combination of your desired look,” says Triantafilou. “Microblading requires a lot of persistent practice and patience. For this reason, I’ve taken numerous trainings.”

One of those artists Triantafilou has trained with was featured on Good Morning America and Marie Claire Magazine. Another artist has a  Master title at the top academy in the world for microblading, Philbrows.

“Phibrow Artists are top in the industry and produce high quality work,” she explains. “I went through rigorous training, mastering 11 levels in 6 months to ensure that my techniques maintain a high standard from top trainers. Attention to detail requires a lot of dedication and talent. I am now a Phibrows Artist in which I received my own logo within the academy as well as an identification number and am placed on their world map to find the best artists in each area of the world!”

“Triantafilou says that while she’s currently only offering microblading, eyebrow threading is in the works and will be offered soon as well as additional brow services.”

Currently, Better Brows offers you the most affordable microblading in Cincinnati; $350 will get you your first appointment and then your 6-week touch up is $100 (prices are subject to change.)

We are located in the Blue Ash area in Salon Sean at 4169 Hunt Road.

To learn more about Better Brows and microblading in Cincinnati, visit betterbrows.net. You can also follow along on Instagram, send us an email at betterbrows.cincy@gmail.com, or give us a call at 513-702-0818.

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