World Cancer Day Is Global 

As World Cancer approaches, it’s important to understand how many people are affected. Let’s look at some facts.

9.6 million people die every year from cancer. I want that to sink in. This is the number that makes us so passionate about doing our part. 

Last year in the USA alone there was an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed with similar estimates for 2019. Many of these patients will undergo at least one round of chemotherapy. The unfortunate reality is this treatment is also accompanied by many side effects, one of which being eyebrow hair loss. Some patients lose only part of their brows while many others lose their entire eyebrow hair, unfortunately.

Every year on February 4th passionate individuals and communities around the world raise their voice, take personal action, and show support for a healthier and brighter future for all. Whether you’re a student, mother, doctor, neighbor, co-worker, friend, teacher, or survivor you have the power to take action!

The total annual economic cost of cancer is estimated at $1.6 trillion. With World Cancer Day approaching on February 4th, we are reminded that we all have a part to play as many of us know someone personally fighting their own battle. Better Brows joins this fight and will be allowing anyone who books starting February 1st through February 10th to donate 10% of the proceeds from your microblading appointment to the charity, foundation, or cause of your choice.

Fight Cancer With Brows

For the third year in a row, the campaign slogan for World Cancer Day is “We can. I can.” It encourages everyone to think about what role they can play in reducing the disease. What’s better than getting your brows done and joining the fight? Nothing in our opinion at Better Brows! If you yourself are a survivor and want to get microblading but have been on chemotherapy and it’s only been a few months since you’ve been off of it, it is important to get your doctor’s approval and provide us with a note to ensure your safety.

If you’ve ever seen the results of microblading you realize how important eyebrows are to your face. They frame the face, allow you to look younger, give you an instant eye lift, and much more. That being said these are a few of the reasons that so many women draw their brows in each morning. With microblading this allows you to save time and boost confidence each and every day.

Free Brows For Survivors

If you’re a survivor as mentioned above and you’ve lost part of your brows and want them back microblading is great for this! It is our pleasure to help and give you your confidence and time back! All we ask is you pay with a smile! 🙂 We encourage both men and women to contact us at to share your story so we can give back!

For the awesome peeps wanting to participate in donating, just mention the words “World Cancer Day” when checking out at the end of your appointment and we’ll take care of the rest. Be proud of the difference you are making in this world as we as well with the fighters appreciate your kind donation more than you know. Get in the fight with Better Brows Cincinnati Microblading!


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