Skin type affects microblading in ways someone who is interested might not even realize. Have you ever read about how having a certain skin type can affect microblading? Well, I’m here to answer as many questions as possible! If you want to continue your research, there’s plenty more specifically about our microblading services available to you as well.

Skin Type Affects Microblading – But Is It Safe? 

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already done some research.

Overall, it is said that microblading typically heals and lasts longer for those with dry or normal skin as opposed to oily skin. Although this can be true, this isn’t always the case. I also speak to people about the importance of understanding skin conditions and how that may impact microblading. There’s a path to perfect brows for everyone, but how we get you there can do look very different from client to client. 

At Better Brows we are very honest with you. We let you know that if you have oily skin the microblading may not last as long as but it doesn’t mean it won’t still work. You may just require more touch-ups. As for microblading, it is a two-part procedure. After the first appointment, you come back another 6-8 weeks after.

Oily Skin And Microblading

oily skin microblading

Oily skin type affects microblading more than any other skin type. For oily skin types if you know the risk and still want to proceed, we are extra conservative in which we don’t add as many strokes nor do we put them as close together. With oily skin, microbladed strokes can widen during the healing process. If you put strokes too closely together the strokes may combine and give a blurry look. Of course, we want to avoid this, so it important to choose an artist that knows what they are doing. We let each client know about this regardless of their skin type. We are always very cautious at Better Brows as we want to give you the most natural results.

Although we have microbladed oily skin tones in which some came out beautiful we also do examine the skin to see if we are able to see your pores. If you have large pores the microblading may not heal as crisp. Keep in mind this isn’t true about every client we’ve done with large pores and oily skin but it is a risk we want you to know about before you agree to microblading so there are no surprises. At Better Brows, we strive to make you happier than expected. One way we can ensure your satisfaction is by making you aware of how your skin type affects microblading and the results you can expect – no surprises! 

As mentioned earlier, with oily skin you may require more touch-ups. Most microblading is faded at about the year mark. You can see some color and strokes but typically they are very faint. With oily skin I typically have clients come back between 6-12 months after their first appointment. They want to keep their microbladed brows looking fresh and precise as well as a nice color boost!


healed microblading

When you come back in for the touch-up, a good artist should really examine the strokes to see how much they actually spread. If they haven’t spread very much then we know it is ok to add a few more in there to add more definition. If they have spread too much then it is important to ask the artist all the questions you have in order to achieve the best results.

After all, it is important to do your research. At Better Brows, we take everything we can into consideration before each appointment whether it’s your first appointment or touch up. We want you to feel your best self and happy with your results!

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