Do Skin Conditions Affect Microblading?

Skin conditions and microblading – If you are wondering whether microblading right for you, then you are beginning your research strong. Typically, the research phase for microblading is quite long. On average, it takes a person several months to make a decision on whether microblading is right for them. Before trying to find the right artist, the right shape, the right price, or any of those things, the key to maximizing your success is researching to see if microblading is for you. The variable for considering strong is skin conditions. 

Whether you are young, old, healthy, or have health problems, you want to ensure you make the right decision. As an artist, I want to make sure you achieve the best results and it is my job to help determine whether you are safe and have the right skin and health to do so.

Skin Conditions That Affect Microblading

skin conditions

flakey brows

There are so many skin conditions out there and since this is what we work on, it is important for us to ensure you’re safe. If you have eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or keratosis, your skin most likely shreds frequently and may not hold pigment as well. This can affect healed microbladed results which are important when having this procedure done so you should consider this as you decide if microblading is right for you. 

Also, rosacea and cystic acne can affect results because often times if you have either or both of these you bleed easily. When bleeding occurs this makes it difficult to implant the strokes into the skin so therefore, your skin may not retain the strokes or color of the microbladed brows well. We want to give you the most natural result with no unpleasant surprises!

How The Sun Affects Microblading

If you are sunburnt you will want to make sure this heals up before your appointment. This is because flaking or peeling can occur which can cause your brows to peel off, interfering with the healed results. We do not want your brows to heal patchy and look funky!  

If you’ve had previous microblading or permanent makeup/tattoo on your eyebrows before it is best to let your artist know beforehand. At Better Brows we require a picture to ensure it is either very very faint to where you can barely see it or that if you’ve had it removed it is truly gone to where we can microblade over the area. Often times we’ve seen old tattoos faded enough to where we can microblade the area but when we map the brows out, the old tattoo is out of the frame. This may have to be lasered off before getting microblading done with us. That is why we require a picture so we can make sure we give you the perfect brows for your face!


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