The Microblading touch up is a very key part of your overall microblading work and is a significant driver to how your work holds. But it serves plenty more than just that.

Why Your Touch Up Is Critical

The Microblading service you get at Better Brows leverages the world-renown Phibrows Microblading Process which will give you stellar results for approximately a year but may fluctuate depending on skin type and lifestyle. I often get asked if this is a tattoo and the answer is no. Since it is semi-permanent it lasts closer to a year whereas tattoos can last forever.

How Time After Appointment Matters

Microblading Touch Up microblading cincinnati better brows

After your first microblading session your brows will lighten about 30-50%. This is completely normal and this happens because your body is trying to heal the tiny strokes implanted into your skin. The strokes are implanted into the top layer of the skin and this is why microblading is semi-permanent and not permanent. You can instantly access more information about how the process works and your overall appointment on the microblading services page.

This is why we require only 8 weeks to go by before your microblading touch up! We add in more strokes and go over any existing strokes wanted, giving a fuller look and perfecting the shape, color, etc. Anything you want! (To an extent haha!) We also want to see your healed results to make sure it is exactly the look you want and to give additional feedback to give you the best-healed results as possible! 8 weeks is enough time for us to see the healed brows and how they turned out.

Microblading Touch Up Gives You Even More Customization 

Naturally, as stated, your brows will lighten and may shrink a little. You may also experience some of these small changes in your brows, which are all expected and common:

  • We can make the brows darker
  • Add more to your arch
  • Make the brows thicker
  • Make the tail longer

We listen to what it is you want and give recommendations that we think will be best with your brows as each brow is different!

If you have oily skin, larger pores, rosacea, expose yourself to sunlight often, or get facials done these can all lighten the brows quicker than normal. You may want to get your brows touched up between 6-12 months to keep them looking fresh! By about a year they will mostly be faded.

If you have dry to normal skin then your microblading should hold it’s color longer than someone with oily skin. This is because we all have natural oils that push out the pigment eventually, lightening the microbladed area, but it is at a much slower rate with drier skin.

However, I have had clients’ brows stay put for a year and they didn’t need a touch up until 15 months after the procedure so this proves everyone is different! It is your preference if you want them to continue fading before getting them touched up or if you want them kept fresh! Most clients gets them touched up at the year mark to keep their brows looking fresh!

If you have had your brows microbladed by Better Brows and they have lightened, please feel free to send us a picture via email at or text us a picture at 513-702-0818. We will be glad to take a look at it and give feedback as in when we think you should come in for your next microblading touch up! We look forward to giving you the brows of your dreams 🙂