Does Microblading Hurt?

Does microblading hurt is one of the most frequently asked questions about microblading so we’re here to answer this for you! Like everything else in life, it depends on your pain tolerance but overall on a scale of 1 to 10 I get about a 2-3. It is often said it feels like a scratch. At the end of the hand tool, there is a set of about 18 tiny needles grouped so closely together to hold the pigment in between the blade.

The blade is very sharp allowing for a clean, crisp, hair-like stoke. The needles are in the shape of a “U” to make curving the strokes easier and crisper. These needles are so tiny, creating such tiny strokes so this makes the pain not bad at all. Just about everyone walks in nervous since its a procedure that is done on their face. As soon as the actual microblading gets started we often get the frequent reaction of “Oh wow, that’s it? I thought it would be a lot worse!” So hopefully your questions to “Does microblading hurt?” is answered!

does microblading hurt

Is Numbing Used During Microblading?

With Better Brows’ technique, you will discover very little discomfort due to the proper stretching of the skin and along with the blade being so tiny. We do not use numbing cream right before we start the procedure because the skin gets saturated and it is hard to implant the strokes on skin that has a greasy ointment on it.

Working on a clean canvas (clean skin) will give the best results! With that being said, after we make the outline of your brows with strokes, we then use a numbing agent on the broken skin which gets in the open cuts so when we go over the strokes you can’t feel a thing! This reduces pain, allowing you to be more comfortable. The numbing agent also contains epinephrine which stops any bleeding that may occur. After we go over the strokes, a pigment mask is applied over the brow area to get into the strokes even more. On top of that more numbing is applied then wiped off. So, if you think about it, you are numbed about 90% of the process which is totally worth perfect brows! Just remember you want the best results for your brows and once you see the after result you will be glad you made the choice of microblading! Call us or book online today to make you dream brows come to life! 

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