Who Should Not Get Microblading And Why?

Let’s make sure you are all good to go before we get started!

Pregnant or breastfeeding:

We do not recommend this because it is not worth taking a risk for your child.

Keloid scars:

We do not want to touch keloids because they may have scar tissue built up beneath the skin and do not want to take that risk of cutting that area of the skin.

Autoimmune diseases:

Due to your compromised skin health.

On blood thinner or have bleeding disorders:

Pinpoint bleeding is normal, whereas excessive bleeding is not. If you are on blood thinners this could allow you to bleed too much which will make it more difficult to implant to pigment into the skin. The pigment will be pushed out and the microblading process will be very difficult to achieve.

On Accutane within the last year:

Accutane extremely thins the top layer of your skin. We want your skin to be at its normal healthy self during microblading and also so it can heal properly.

Botox within the last 2 weeks:

If you’ve gotten botox near your brow area it is best to wait the 2 weeks before getting microblading because that is when the injected substances have fully settled on the facial muscles.

Stop Retinol/RetinA 1 week prior:

If used too close to the procedure date then this may allow your brows to fade quicker which we do not want!

Sunburnt or have dermatitis:

You must be completely healed from both of these before your appointment because if not then your skin will flake, resulting in loss of pigment from microblading.

Chemical peels, facials, microdermabrasion 4 weeks prior:

These are to be avoided because the outer layer of the skin is removed. Removing the top layer of the skin will result in loss of pigment in your new microbladed strokes.

– Allergic to nickel, lidocaine, epinephrine:

We use a tiny blade made of nickel that cuts the skin so we do not want you having an allergic reaction during the procedure. Also, the numbing agents we use contain both lidocaine and epinephrine so we do not want you having a reaction to these either.



Your microblading may heal slower and may be more at risk for infection.

– Had chemotherapy within the last year:

Your immune system is compromised. 

–Taking seizure or other medication:

Many medications have effects on the body so you will want to ask your doctor to make sure this is safe for you.

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