Perfect Eyebrows Shape Your Face

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features because they perform many functions and shape plays a major role. Not everyone is born with perfect brows, in fact, some people are born with hardly any and this is why the shape is so important. The perfect shape gives off a pleasing look. Beautifully-groomed brows can also make an older woman appear younger. When eyebrows have the perfect shape they can give an instant lift to the face, allowing for the appearance of larger eyes and a more youthful look. The perfect eyebrow shape helps frame the face and accentuate the eyes. The wrong shape can make you look tired, aged, or even angry. Perfect eyebrows DO matter!

Symmetry Matters In Eyebrow Shaping

perfect eyebrows

I use a combination of special tools to determine perfect eyebrows as well as feeling around the natural brow bone. I examine the face and bone structure to perfect the best shape for one’s brows. The tool I use helps me determine the Golden ratio. The Golden ratio helps me apply proportion to any size, which in this case is your eyebrows. This is how I measure where the brows should start, arch, end, and so on. You do not want someone just guessing how your brows should look, you want me, an expert, showing you how I use the tool to determine how I got the shape and why this is best for your face. I bring in up my tool because, without it, your brows wouldn’t be perfect. The shape is nearly the most important part of microblading because if it is off then your whole face will be off and look funny. If the brow shape is kept up with, this creates a more polished look, which appears more clean and refined.

As I mentioned earlier how most humans do not have perfect brows nor do they have symmetrical faces but most would dream of this. Well, this is because uneven brows can throw off facial balance and changes your look altogether. Perfectly symmetrical brows are appealing to the human eye. Eyebrows have the power to change the look of your face. Microblading can correct all sorts of flaws such as add length, shape and overall definition to your face. Even though you can’t change your face shape, you can modify your eyebrows which alters the face shape themselves. You can get away with little no makeup when your eyebrows are shaped perfectly. Here’s what microblading will do for you!

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