Is Numbing Used During Microblading?
Yes! We use numbing as we go to make you as comfortable as possible.
Does Microblading Work On All Skin Types?
Microblading works best if you have a normal to dry skin type. If you have oily skin and large pores microblading may not last as long for you and may require more touch ups. We want to be honest up front.
Does Microblading Work On All Skin Tones?
Yes microblading can work on all skin tones. We have a variety of colors to help everyone!
Can I Get Microblading Over A Mole?
We work around any mole to ensure your safety.
Can I Get Microblading Over A Scar?
If it is a keloid scar then no. Any other scar then most likely yes but we do require an emailed picture to ensure your safety. Send us your picture at!
Can I Get A Facial, Chemical Peel, Or Microdermabrasion Before And/Or After Microblading?
You’ll want to avoid these 4 weeks before and after your appointment so your brows can heal properly.
Can I Get Microblading If I've Had Botox?
You’ll have to make sure you haven’t had botox within the last 2 weeks prior to your appointment date.
Can I Get Microblading Over An Old Tattoo Or Previous Microblading?
Sometimes. We’d have to take a look at it to see. Please email us a picture at so we can give you our best answer!
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