Microblading and Groucho Marx

Microblading and Groucho Marx

Worried about looking like Groucho Marx when getting microblading done? Well, good news…you no longer have to worry when booking with Better Brows Cincinnati Microblading Studio! We deliver confidence by achieving a very natural and subtle look. Now keep reading to learn how to avoid looking like Groucho Marx when selecting an artist!


A lot of people ask us if they’re going to look like Groucho Marx. If you’re not sure who this is he was a famous comedian with extremely bold brows that look like a sharpie was used. Google his name and you’ll see what we’re talking about! Now that you’ve seen a picture… yes those brows are no joke god love him!


We know there’s a lot of articles out there where this has become a thing due to the some artist’s immediate microbladed results. The brows they’re referring to look extra dark and abnormal. To be honest, this shouldn’t happen. And what I mean by shouldn’t happen, I mean they shouldn’t be too dark to the point where you’re scared when you look in the mirror. Our goal is to make them look natural at Better Brows, not like a sharpie was used on your brows!


A little darker than your normal hair color is normal since within the first six to eight weeks after your procedure your microbladed brows will lighten about 30-40% giving a more subtle look. Since we know your brows are going to lighten we go a hair darker but nothing unnatural such as a super dark blocky look!


If you are seeing this type of work in after results then this is a red flag. Immediate results should still look super natural and not too bold. You should be able to look in the mirror and feel confident enough to go out in public immediately after your appointment. This shouldn’t be a worry when making an appointment with us at Better Brows.


If you feel as if you look like Groucho Marx then either the artist went too dark, was too heavy handed, or didn’t implant the strokes correctly into the skin to look natural. This is not a tattoo as we are not placing the pigment into the deepest layer into the skin, just the top layer. There are so many important techniques to microblading that I see are not practiced, giving unnatural results. Depth, angle at which the blade penetrates into the skin, holding the skin properly, proper color, and many other techniques play a big part.


It is not normal to look like a sharpie was used on your brows as this is not natural looking! So it is important when doing research to view artist’s work to ensure you’re in good hands of someone who can deliver exactly what you want. If you notice sharpie brows, run (unless this is what you want)!


At Better Brows we ensure you won’t look like Marx when you leave! We aim to deliver your desired look and give the most natural results leaving you with a smile on your face. 🙂