How Often Do I Need A Microblading Touch Up?
We include a 6 week touch up with your initial appointment. After that you’ll require a touch up when you’ve noticed your brows have faded and most of the color has been lost. Usually every 6-12 months clients like a touch up to keep their brows looking fresh!
What Is The Microblading Aftercare?
We review the instructions with you and give you them to take home as well as an ointment. Avoid the next 7 days: -Getting your brows wet in the shower -brow makeup -foundation or other makeup in the brow area -working out/sweating -sauna -sleeping on your brows Avoid the next 30 days: -direct sun exposure/tanning -facials -chemical peels -microdermabrasion -glycolic acid and Retin-A creams on the face Use a damp cotton round and wipe the brows, let them dry, then apply a thin layer of the ointment to the brow area with a cotton swab. Repeat this 3-5 times a day for the next 9 days. Do not pick, itch, or scratch your new eyebrows! If you notice your brows start to flake, do not pick at them because this may result in pigment loss. Flaking is normal so let them do their thing!
What Is The Microblading Healing Process?
The healing process takes about 10 days on average but full healing can take about 30 days. Your brows will appear more dark right after the procedure but around day 5 little scabs and flaking may form. Do NOT pick at them, let them fall off naturally if this occurs. Your brows will look very light after this but do not worry the brows are not gone. This is just the top layer of the skin exfoliating but the second layer of the skin (where the pigment is placed) is still healing. That’s why shortly after you’ll see the strokes appear back. This is usually around day 10-14. A touch up is required 6 weeks after the first procedure to perfect the color and add any strokes where necessary! You can view the healing process in more detail by going to my blog stating the microblading healing process.
How Should I Prepare For My Microblading Appointment?
-Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofin, and Aspirin 24 hours prior to appointment -Avoid botox 2 weeks prior to appointment -Discontinue Retinol/Retin-A and blood thinners use 1 week prior to appointment -Avoid sun/tanning 1 week prior to appointment -Avoid facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion 4 weeks prior to appointment
What Is The Microblading Process?
This video will cover the process of microblading from start to finish.
Is Microblading Safe?
Yes! At Better Brows we are fully committed to your safety! We use pre-sterilized and disposable tools as well as hospital grade wipes to clean all surfaces and instruments.
How Long Is The Microblading Appointment?
Usually 2-2.5 hours. In that appointment is the consultation, brow design, microblading, and aftercare discussion.
How Much Does Microblading Cost?
The first appointment is $350 and the 6-week touch up is $50 This is a very great price in this industry as well as for my work and the value I deliver!
Does Microblading Hurt?
It depends on your pain tolerance but most have said on a sale of 1-10 it’s about a 2 or 3. I've been told it feels like tweezing two hairs at once or if you've had threading done I've heard it's similar to that.
How Long Does Microblading Last?
About a year give or take on skin type. Normal or drier skin typically lasts a little longer than oily skin. Oily skin may not last as long and may require more touch ups.
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