What Is Microblading?

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Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make up that gives the illusion of real hair-like strokes. Each hair stroke created blends and mimics your natural eyebrow hair. It is done manually with a hand tool where pigment is inserted into the skin. The result provides beautiful, real hair-like strokes, making the brows appear very natural. It is also smudge proof and waterproof! Microblading enhances the look of your brows by recreating the shape, length, and fullness of the brows.


Check out our microblading process here


Microblading first time $350

Microblading Touch Up (6 weeks) after the first session $50

Microblading Touch up (Yearly) 1 year or less from the last session $250

Microblading  Touch up (Post Yearly) Over 1 year from the last session $300

Who Is Microblading For?

Microblading is for anyone wanting to wake up with beautiful brows every day! This includes anyone not wanting to take the time to apply make up to their brows each morning including busy parents, business professions, water athletes, etc. Also, people suffering from alopecia, cancer, or other conditions that have caused hair loss benefited from microblading.

Who Should Not Get Microblading?

  • Anyone Pregnant/nursing
  • Those Under the age of 18
  • Those with Keloid scarring
  • Anyone Taking blood thinners
  • Those with Autoimmune disorder(s)
  • No botox 4 weeks before or after your appointment
  • If you’ve used Accutane within the last year
  • Not sick
  • If you have oily skin EMAIL a close up picture of your brow area. It is NOT a requirement to have oily skin. We just like to see a pic of oily skin.
  • If you’ve had your brows previously tattooed or microbladed then EMAIL a picture. It is NOT a requirement to have had your brows previously microbladed, we just like to see a picture to ensure we can microblade over old work.
  • No eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or rosacea
  • Not allergic to lidocaine or epinephrine
  • No surgeries 1 month before or after appointment
  • No heart conditions or on heart meds
  • Not sunburnt – we don’t want you skin flaking
  • PLEASE NOTE: You will need to keep your brows out of the sun/tanning bed a month after your appointment, so if you have a vacation booked please schedule enough time out or wait until after!
  • WILL NEED A DOCTOR’S NOTE IF: diabetic, had chemotherapy within the last year, heart complications, epileptic

You do NOT need to wax, tweeze, or thread your brows prior. We will clean them for you! 

Have questions? Check out our FAQ library here!