Can I Microblade Over A Scar?

Can I Microblade Over A Scar?

So I have a scar but I’m interested in microblading and want to know more. Well we got you covered! Microblading can be great for covering up scars but we first recommend a picture to ensure your safety.


First things first. It depends what type of scar you have as there are several different types out there. For example, keloid, hypertrophic, contracture, acne scars, etc.

If you have a keloid scar in your brow area, unfortunately we are unable to microblade over it. If you have any other type of scar, then yes we are able to microblade over it!


Keloid scars are scars that typically rise up above the rest of the skin and are a pink or red color. They normally have a smooth feel on the top of them and enlarge progressively. Keloids are a result of a serious healing process. If keloids are cut into they can result into an even larger keloid scar, which we would never want. It is an area that is to be remained untouched. Therefore, we do not microblade over keloid scars.


Contracture scars are usually caused from burned skin. You will have to wait until your scar is fully healed. We don’t want to work on a bumpy red scar. Once healed, these skin tightens and becomes more smooth and because of this it is an easy cover up.


Hypertrophic scars are similar to keloids as they are raised and red but do not grow beyond its area. They are the response to any trauma or injury. Since the area is thick, raised, and wide, it is not in your best interest to get microblading.


Acne scars are caused from inflammation and usually result in red scars or abnormal pits on the skin. Once you have healed you are able to get microblading. Just make sure you aren’t on Acutane as this is a no no until you have been off of it for a year as previously discussed in another blog. There is not much underneath to worry about so therefore this would be safe to microblade over!


When you choose to microblade over your scar it is important to know that you will most likely require more touch ups. The skin isn’t as thick and in its natural state so even though it is completely safe, it is good to know the pigment color may not stay as well. So instead of an annual touch up, you may require them every 6-12 months. It is also normal for the microbladed brow area to heal different than the rest of the brow with no scar in its area. As mentioned above the pigment may heal differently.

So if you’re thinking about getting microblading done over a scar don’t be nervous! Just make sure you send in a picture to us at betterbrows.cincy@gmail.com and we will definitely help guide you! We want to make sure you are understand the difference between the difference scars to make the best decision! Microblading can make a huge difference on these type of scar cover ups! You have the ability to cover up the scar and fill in gaps where the hair no longer grows. Pretty awesome, ay!?